Recently, while finishing a new project, my editor / good friend, turned to me and said: "Have you seen Turkish Star Wars?" I was immediately perplexed and intrigued by the question, "Turkish Star Wars, What?" Before I could answer, my friend pulled out a copy of the DVD, slapped it into the computer and said: "You gotta watch this !!!" For the next hour or so, I watched the most mind-boggling awesome movie.

First, the movie is actually called Dünyay? Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saves the World), but it's commonly referred to as Turkish Star-Wars for its use of presumably illegal, bootlegged footage from the original Star-Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. But wait it also steals music from Indiana Jones, Flash Gordon and others. The movie began with a space battle, then the two lead characters (I assume Turkish Han Solo and Turkish Luke Skywalker) crash land on a desert planet. From here on out, well, it gets awesome: monsters, karate, swords, wizards, power gauntlets, magic boots and jumping. Yes, lots of Jumping!

After watching this film we discovered several other "Turkish" versions of popular movies: Turkish E.T. called BADI (the alien is scary looking), there is a Turkish EXORCIST (which after watch about 10 minutes, looks legit, well at least close to the original.)

Here is more on Dünyay? Kurtaran Adam aka Turkish Star Wars from the Wikipedia page:

The film follows the adventures of two comrades, Murat (Ark?n) and Ali (Akkaya), whose ships crash on a desert planet following a space battle that is made up of footage from the actual Star Wars films as well as newsreel clips of both Soviet and American space rockets. While in the desert one of them says that perhaps it is a planet only populated by women, so the other man begins to do his whistle which he uses to attract women. However, he uses the wrong whistle, and they are then assaulted by skeletons on horseback. The pair then proceed to defeat the skeletons in hand-to-hand combat. The film's main villain then soon shows up and captures the heroes, bringing them to fight in his gladiatorial arena. The villain mentions that he was actually from Earth and is in reality a 1,000 year old wizard. He tries to defeat the Earth, but his attacks are always repelled by a shield of concentrated human brain molecules arranged to look like the Death Star from Star Wars. The only way for him to bypass this otherwise impenetrable defense is to use a human brain to bring it down. The protagonists escape their captors and flee to a cave full of refugees who fled from the tyrannical rule of the villain. While there, Murat develops a romantic connection with the only woman there (Uçar), who is tasked with looking after the children (the connection is depicted by many deep eye-contacts and nothing more than that). The scenes in which they are together often play music from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Zombie minions of the dark lord soon attack the cave, and several of the children killed and turn into zombies themselves. The three protagonists then flee the cave. Resurfacing at a local bar lifted directly from Star Wars (the Mos Eisley Cantina), the two men quickly manage to find themselves in a bar brawl that attracts the attention of the main villain who suddenly appears and captures Ali and Murat.

Then the wizard separates both comrades and subsequently tries to influence them to join him. He sends his queen to seduce Ali, while he orders Murat to be brought before him. He offers Murat the rule over Earth and stars if he would join him. He reveals that he possesses the power of the Earth's ancestry in the form of a golden brain and all he needs in order to conquer Earth, is the power of a real human brain. After Murat declines, the wizard shows him that he keeps the woman and the child captive. Enraged, Murat proceeds to fight the evil monsters and skeleton guardians. The noise makes Ali leave the woman and join the fight. The comrades are disabled by laser-armed guards, however, and put through several tortures by the wizard, but their will cannot be broken. Finally, the wizard puts Murat against a mighty monster on the arena to humiliate him. Murat, however, succeeds in defeating the monster, and flees the arena taking the woman and the child with him. Ali is left in captivity.

A mentor, Peyda, then informs Murat about a sword made by "the 13th clan" by melting a mountain thousands of "space years" ago. Shortly afterwards, Murat finds the large sword shaped like a lightning bolt in a cave defended by two golden ninjas who he quickly dispatches. Now renewed by the power of the sword, he sets out to free his friend from the underground cavern where the dark lord is holding him. Unfortunately Ali is killed soon thereafter. Grief-stricken, Murat decides the next logical step is to boil his golden sword and gold-like human brain in a large pot and forge them into a pair of gauntlets and boots. Now girded with magically-endowed gloves and super-jumping boots, he sets off to find the dark lord and avenge his friend's death. After fighting the many minions, he comes face-to-face with his nemesis and karate-chops him in half, shown by covering alternating halves of the camera lens. The film ends with a Star Wars-like ending speech where the watcher learns that human brain is the strongest weapon in the whole universe.