{ fiona }

“Fiona Apple is skeletal and a total psycho. I wanna make out with her and then be her therapist.”

That’s a direct quote from a friend who recently had the good fortune of seeing Fiona in concert, and it’s one that somewhat accurately describes why, when Ms. Apple announced a new record due out June 26th, it immediately shattered any preconceived excitement for most other albums due out this year. The simple fact is that she is on another level. She’s an insane genius who everyone should appreciate, and this artwork is actually a pretty decent visual approximation of what I’m hoping to get out of The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do. Prepare yourselves.


1. Every Single Night 2. Daredevil 3. Valentine 4. Jonathan 5. Left Alone 6. Werewolf 7. Periphery 8. Regret 9. Anything We Want 10. Hot Knife