Le Mepris (Contempt) (1963) Jean-Luc Godard


American film producer Jeremy Prokosch (Jack Palance) hires respected Austrian director Fritz Lang (playing himself) to direct a film adaptation of Homer's Odyssey. Dissatisfied with Lang's treatment of the material as an art film, Prokosch hires Paul Javal (Michel Piccoli), a novelist and playwright, to rework the script. The conflict between artistic expression and commercial opportunity parallels Paul's sudden estrangement from his wife Camille Javal (Brigitte Bardot), who becomes aloof with Paul after being left alone with Prokosch, a millionaire playboy.

Director: Jean-Luc Godard Screenplay: Jean-Luc Godard and Alberto Moravia Producers: Carlo Ponti, Georges de Beauregard, Joseph E. Levine Starring: Brigitte Bardot, Michel Piccoli, Jack Palance, Giorgia Moll, Fritz Lang Music by: Georges Delerue Photography: Raoul Coutard Editing by : Agnès Guillemot

Running time 103 minutes